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63 St Georges Road

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Monday to Friday

Our Primary School


Children at Immanuel are excited about learning and engage readily as active participants on the learning journey. We uphold a work ethic of diligence and an expectation of excellence in every endeavour, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, on the performance stage or in the playground. Every student is encouraged to work to the best of their ability. Smaller class sizes and skilled teachers mean unique learning styles can be catered for and learning needs more readily met.

All of our learning is based on a Biblical perspective, focused on an aspect of God’s character and modelled on the informative, creative and deep-thinking approach of the Interact Curriculum. A Biblical worldview forms the basis for all learning – whether it is Maths, Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science or Art. It is our desire that children at Immanuel develop a sense of awe and wonder in God’s design, purpose and knowledge. We want our children to begin thinking Biblically and critically about what they are learning in light of the revealed truth of Scripture and God’s character.


The Interact Curriculum:

The Interact Curriculum is a Biblically-based and integrated programme of learning. It is designed to inspire teachers with a multitude of creative ideas, questions and learning activities through which students can engage in learning about God and his world. The Interact Curriculum encourages students to interact with God, with others and with their world in the course of their learning day.

Learning in our foundational years includes these benefits:

• Small class sizes mean teachers can quickly recognise the unique learning styles of each student and shape lessons accordingly
• Studies in Biblical Discipleship are a basis for other work – whether it is art, written language, reading, social studies or science etc.
• In every area the children are challenged to measure what they are learning against what the Bible says.

Our Structure


The Primary School day starts at 8.40 am, with a 20-minute morning tea, one-hour lunch and finishes at 3 pm. This coincides closely with the Middle School timetable so that friendships and co-curricular activities across the school community can be fostered. This is a unique and observable strength of the Immanuel culture.


Structured on set blocks of time, the Primary School maintains the same timetable from classroom to classroom. This makes transitioning from one year to the next easy for students and provides flexibility for teachers to address the needs of students. From time to time, we have students with special abilities/special needs. Because of the timetabling, we can accelerate learning for those who are gifted and talented.


Furthermore, we can seek to address the learning challenges of students by adjusting learning groups between classes. We celebrate co-operative learning opportunities at Immanuel where less able students are supported by their peers, while more able students are given opportunities to use their gifts in service of others.

More than the Classroom

We recognise the importance of developing our students in their body, soul, mind and spirit. Therefore, we seek to provide opportunities in which they can develop all their God-given gifts. Creative and performing arts can be expressed through participation in Musical Theatre, the Ukulele Club, the Kids 4 Kids Choir and our two-yearly whole school musical production.

To celebrate sporting ability, we provide opportunities for students to participate in the Football Kids’ programme, the local Community Touch Competition, and the Auckland Christian Schools (ACS) Soccer, Netball and Touch tournaments.


Immanuel Christian School students also realise that part of God’s plan for their lives is to use their gifts, abilities and energy in service of others. Several times each year students visit local rest homes and minister to the elderly by singing to them, playing games, or reading books to them. Our Community Service Day is a highlight of the school calendar.
We endeavour to spend a day in our local community visiting the elderly, cleaning cars, weeding gardens, delivering baking and generally serving wherever there is a need. Each class also participates in our weekly school assembly, sharing learning moments and communicating messages of encouragement to their peers.

An amazing synergy is possible when the three big players in a child’s life - home, church and school - are on the same page, telling the same story.

As an extension of Christian homes, we could not do what we do without the generous participation of parents who help in the classroom, provide transport for trips and events, share their knowledge on given topics and pray for the school.
The Primary School exists to nurture young children in their love for God, their understanding of His world and their role in it as His hands, feet, voice and heart. We do this by providing inspirational learning opportunities in the context of a caring classroom under the leadership of skilful and passionate teachers.

There is a window of opportunity.

Children are only young and impressionable once and parents must ensure that the right impressions are made while this window remains open.

Education Outside of the Classroom

Enjoyment, Experience & Challenge

The aim of outdoor education is to provide challenge, inspiration and enjoyment for students as well as to foster an appreciation for the outdoor environment of Aotearoa – God’s beautiful creation. Immanuel’s culture, one of challenge, participation and encouragement, provides a healthy platform for students to ‘safely’ extend themselves among their peers.

EOTC Years 1 - 6

Year 1-6 students are introduced to a variety of sports and activities that they might not otherwise encounter.
Class trips to Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World show the diversity and wealth of lifeforms that inhabit our oceans. Visits to Auckland Zoological Gardens highlight the beauty and also the vulnerability of the animal kingdom, while a field trip to Martha Goldmine in Waihi provides a valuable context for provocative questions about environmental stewardship and responsibility. Studying native rainforest in a classroom setting is limited, so our primary students stand beneath the kauri and rimu at the Arataki Visitor Centre in the Waitakere Ranges.

Whole School Co-Curricular Activities

There are multiple opportunities for students to extend and challenge themselves through performance, service, mission, and education outside of the classroom.
Musical Theatre
Dance Group
Ukulele Club
Speech Competition
Musical Production
Band Performances
Engagement in sporting activities is encouraged and we offer a number of opportunities. ICS students of all ages regularly enter teams in local competitions including soccer, touch rugby, netball and cross country. With our spacious grounds and relatively small student population we have ample space for teams to train and for students to enjoy a variety of informal recreational sporting activities:
Touch Rugby Netball
Cross-country Gymnastics (Years 7/8)
Rock Climbing – indoor (Years 9/10)
Squash (Years 9/10)

Gifted and Talented Education

Immanuel Christian School is committed to supporting gifted and talented students who demonstrate outstanding ability in comparison to age peers.  Over the years our school has been fortunate to have had a disproportionately large number of Gifted and Talented students. Such exceptional students are identified through assessment data and by referral. Once formally identified, teachers and management meet to analyse specific learning needs and consider learning options that will best support the student’s special learning needs.

A number of different strategies are employed to assist the gifted student in achieving to their full potential.

In class options include (but are not limited to) . . .

  • Enrichment activities that deepen or broaden the area of study and offer appropriate choice/options
  • Extension activities that take the learning further than the regular classroom curriculum
  • Development of independent learning skills through contracts and/or negotiated learning assignments

Immanuel Christian School recognises that gifted and talented students need learning that is appropriate in pace and cognitive challenge. The opportunity to accelerate learning can occur in a number of formats

  • Acceleration within the regular curriculum
  • Subject acceleration, where a student works within a class of older age peers, for one or more specified subjects e.g: mathematics
  • Full year acceleration (may be considered in exceptional circumstances)

An appropriate learning pathway is put in place, on a case by case basis, in consultation with teachers, parents and the student. This programme of learning is reflective of the gifted student’s special learning needs, abilities, volition and task commitment.


Enrolment Process

Enrolment Procedure

1. Parents make contact with the school and ask for a prospectus.
2. Parents read prospectus and decide to take application further. Parents contact school and arange a visit to meet Principal and look around the premises.
3. If after this meeting the parents wish to proceed further, they receive an enrolment form and school constitution.
4. Application form along with immunisation records, birth certificate and previous school reports are sent to Immanuel.
5. School Boards arranges for two of its members to visit family at their home.
6. School Board votes to accept/reject application and parents are informed by the principal.
7. Parent pays a $500 deposit that secures a place in a class.  This deposit is not refunded if the parent later decides not to proceed with the enrolment.
8. Prior to child starting, some testing may be carried out and a payment plan is arranged with the school treasurer or financial administrator.
8. Started date agreed upon. Child starts school.

Enrolment Policy

Lodgement of the enrolment form does not guarantee enrolment.
Preference will be given to
  1. Families who already have enrolled in the school.
  2. Families who have actively supported the establishment or development of the school.
  3. Families where there is evidence that the home will be supporting the teaching and practice of the school.
Children with educational or physical Problems
While it is hoped that most children can find a place in Immanuel Christian School, the Principal must ensure the school’s resources are not unduly taxed by any one pupil. Pupils transferring from other schools often find they are well behind the levels of pupils who have begun their schooling at Immanuel. Parents may need to be prepared to provide extra tuition where necessary to help their child catch up with their peers at Immanuel.
Student intakes
There are four intakes of New Entrants each year, at the start of each term. New Entrants usually begin school after they have turned five years of age.
Provisional enrolment
Each child is enrolled provisionally for one term and when all aspects of the child’s conduct and work is shown to be satisfactory, enrolment is automatically confirmed.
Withdrawal procedure
There must be one term’s written notice of intention to withdraw the student from the school. Parents must pay all fees incurred over the notice period.
Where there is insufficient notice given, a fee of one term’s tuition will be charged in lieu of notice.

2017 Fees (including GST):

Annual Fees – 1st child 2nd child 3rd child 4th child 5th child
Primary: 6,284.00 5,341.00 4,398.00 3,142.00 0.00
Middle School Year 7-10: 7,011.00 5,960.00 4,908.00 3,506.00 0.00



Per Term Fees – 1st child 2nd child 3rd child 4th child 5th child
Primary: 1,571.00 1,335.00 1,099.00 785.00 0.00
Middle School Year 7-10: 1,753.00 1,490.00 1,227.00 876.00 0.00


International Student fees from $10,000.00 per annum, depending on requirements.


If you have more than one child at school, always allocate fees on the basis of age groupings – oldest first.  In all cases the fifth child is always free.

Immanuel Prospectus 2017

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